Qingjian Realty Awarded 2018 Best Smart Home Development

JadeScape connection to nature and outdoor space, and has advanced smart home technology, effortlessly defines the modern Singapore apartment possibilities. in the region, one of the most prominent developers Qingjian Realty (Marymount) private limited company’s Midas touch, these “Shun house garden house” designed to “through innovative easy and seamless connectivity.”

In the eyes of millions of people project Jadescape skilled features, more intelligent, Living Solutions, deservedly attract the best smart building development in eight days to win in October 2018 Asian Propertyguru Estate Award (Singapore).

The residential condominium is expected to be completed in 2023. The showflat itself is located in the central region of Bishan. JadeScape seven towers are nearly 400,000 square feet of land development. Tange Associates and Ong&Ong in charge of the project’s architecture, interior design, for Ong&Ong Ecoplan Asia for landscape design. 1,206 units including the targeting of the elderly residents of a single bedroom apartment, as well as suitable for families and spacious penthouse apartment five bedroom suites.

Part of the residential experience Jadescape attraction, and more than 100 outstanding facilities, is through a sophisticated methods to create ways of living, Banyan Tree Group strategic planning and investment, as well as one of the judges this year AVP Clement Ong stressed that the smart home and smart real estate management system to some progress.

Heat energy efficient air conditioning, which will be collected and recycled for water heating units to reduce power consumption, providing personal QR codes for visitors and residents to provide facial recognition, these are, with HiLife Qingjian lifestyle of some of the characteristics of a specially designed platform. For condo dwellers. ”

JadeScape “field intelligence” elements of the population covered all aspects of life, by Qingjian, designed for people of all ages to create a comfortable environment. smarter security, including facial recognition access; An almighty Bell; Smoke detectors to Gatehouse providing real-time information and provides real-time alerts; With its audio and video capabilities of IP camera; and a smart door lock screening equipment. More Intelligent Health is equipped with a water purifier and intelligent integrated dishwasher, delivers better health. smarter care involves a sleep sensor; Custom SMART control panel, make life easier for the elderly; As well as health monitoring services and nursing services.

More intelligent community enables residents can applications by residents of the apartment, which is scheduled to ordering food facilities and access to family support and maintenance services to the list, as well as planning to enjoy the live events and activities. More intelligent efficiency include air conditioning and ecological water bills could be reduced by up to 35 per cent, to filter out dust and allow people to remotely set the room temperature.

JadeScape intelligent life, including applications by residents to easily pay maintenance; remote door locking system; Hall visual intercom system; Car wash of real-time sensor to check availability; Voice control equipment; QR parcel Searchstation; As well as a simple application notifications, in order to be notified when guests arrive at the guards immediately to ensure that tourists are welcome.

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