JadeScape Showflat built up worth S$6million

We have recently experienced Qingjian Realty Yan Chong real estate’s deputy general manager, he took us on a tour of the Jadescape showflat built right next to the Bishan MRT station.

Chong mentioned that Jadescape showflat display different showroom units as well as the upcoming 99-year lease development project in details, which is located in the former Shunfu Ville apartment, with some of the most advanced products.

Jadescape sales gallery is currently the largest Singapore showflat that exhibit project development floor plan type and site plan model. The sales gallery worth S$6m that showcase from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom types.

Two layers of Jadescape showcase for 22,000 square feet of space in recent years, the biggest showcase of Singapore, may be the most expensive because it costs more than $6,000,000 to build.

Overall, private apartment units in 1,206 will consist of one to five bedrooms and two units in a luxury penthouses, the area from 527 sq ft to 4,230 square feet.

Located near the JadeScape Marymount subway station, one to four beds will be priced from $838,000 to $1.86 million range. The price of the larger flats has not been disclosed, but the average price of the project is expected to be approximately $1.7 per square foot.

Qingjian Realty proudly boast to be the first to implement the smart home features and technology into Jadescape residential condo.

As Singapore’s first fully smart residential projects, JadeScape has lots of smart home features, such as the elevator in the lobby of the facial recognition technology to reduce energy costs is to use environmentally friendly air conditioning, even intelligent integration of ultrasonic dishwasher clean fruits and vegetables.

In addition to other items of Singapore has not yet been included in the smart home devices, outside of the apartment also will be the first to adopt smart real estate management system, residents can use a mobile app for booking an apartment facilities, paying maintenance to order their favourite dish washer, choose a home cleaning service, do other cool stuff.

“As technology advances, we will continue to develop our smart home concept,” Chong said.

“smart real estate management, commercial levels of smart devices, as well as the community people closer links between was the first to fully enable and consolidation.”

Similarly cool is a real estate company Qingjian, hire and train a few tech-savvy young ambassador, to those who have had contact with intelligent life and want to learn more about the future of the buyers explain the JadeScape internet-of-things (IoT).

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