JadeScape drawn large crowd before the official launch day

Singapore’s first fully integrated multi-generational housing project on Sunday afternoon, developers, real estate company Qingjian on Saturday (8 September) to open up their sales gallery a public preview has attracted almost 9,000 visitors.

“This is the region’s three years to debut. We have a couple of months have been received from relevant JadeScape issues. Voter turnout really, it is hardly surprising. Developers also provides a variety of cell types attracted many families, “Savills Residential executive director George Tan said the company is the project’s five of a real estate agent.

New development projects in Shunfu road along the whole way to the site, providing a total of 1,206 units. These include 236 single bedroom unit 403, a double bed, 265 a three bed, 261 a four bed, 39 a five on a bed and two penthouses, the area from 527 sq ft to 4,230 square feet.

A single bedroom unit price is $838, double bed is priced at $988, three bed is priced at $1,380,000 bed, four is priced at $1,860,000. The other type of unit prices have not yet been determined.

Visitors to the gallery sold under JadeScape parlance, they were the development of high-tech features as attractive. In the elevator lobby, including the use of facial recognition technology, energy conservation AC, as warm shower to recycle waste heat boiler with ultrasound system, as well as food, washing machines, integrated dishwasher.

As Singapore’s first fully integrated projects, it is also a smart real estate management system’s first residential development projects.

In addition, there are a total of 63 specially designed for active older residents of the unit. These houses will have to meet the needs of the elderly residents of facilities, such as the non-slip floors, drop-down hydraulic and strut. This is complemented by smart technology that allows older residents access to a variety of services, such as health checks, 24/7 access to medical care and diet plans.

Private developers are taking steps to encourage intergenerational living, especially for our growing elderly population, which is a good thing, the 25-year-old Shawn Koh said he was visiting a sales gallery is one of the potential buyers.

With the development near Marymount subway station will soon be amended section four Metro lines – a rounded, and the future of the North and South – East Coast Thomson and Cross Island lines to provide services. Residents can drive through the central highway, pan Island Expressway and the impending arrival of the north-south corridor to other parts of the island.

Real estate Qingjian is expected to be formally launched on September 22, JadeScape is expected to be completed in early 2023.

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