JadeScape condo – The success in the installation of smart home features.

Our way of life is about to undergo dramatic change.

JadeScape is a private residential development projects that will house the Singapore’s first smart private homes.

The development project is a real estate company Qingjian Realty, the company has been focusing on using smart technology to design innovative housing.

Located in the way of a 99-year lease Shunfu apartments will have seven to 21 of the 23 floors of residential areas, which is expected in January 2023, it received notice of vacant possession.

It will be equipped with more than 100 facilities, if not one, but two an over 50 metre swimming pool, two tennis courts, a gym, sauna and steam room, karaoke room, theatre, and so on. All of these facilities will work with each family is together with the help of the smart technology management and enjoyment.

A true smart home

This covers an area of 1,206 apartment units in Singapore will be the first ones to adopt smart real estate management system, built on the estate Qingjian apartment early smart home technology, implementing the condominium apartment residence Inz Visionaire, smart and intelligent mixed use development le quest basis.

In JadeScape, residents will enjoy six belong to a class of smart features, each category will be revealed through intelligent technology to enhance areas – the smart security, smart health, Smart Life and smart healthcare, smart communities and intelligent efficiency.

Smart home monitoring system will enable all JadeScape residential and public areas are managed through a centralized system.

Smart devices will ensure public area at its best. For example, unattended Blowing dengbao and water will become a thing of the past, because they will be subject to monitoring, maintenance staff numbers would have to replace remote notification.

Units will also be equipped with advanced smart technology that allows residents to have intelligent life outcomes. Every homeowner can use hiLife, this is a mobile application that allows them to book Xie zhanmen courses, paying maintenance check car wash is available, and so on.

Other features on the card include energy-efficient appliances and air conditioning systems, water utilities, homeowners can reduce costs and improve efficiency, as well as smart dishwasher, provides ultrasonic cleaning fruits and vegetables, using technology to promote health.

safety and security will also be promoted, and facial recognition technology will be deployed in the elevator lobby and smart doorbell, which allows homeowners to monitor activity via their mobile phones at the door of the house. Smoke detectors in every home in the fires would be timely to identify affected homes, and to inform homeowners and apartment security personnel.

Along with the aging of the population, Singapore has had to adapt to living space, in order to promote positive ageing and harmonious multiple generations of human life.

JadeScape will be leading the trend, more than 60 units in development through intelligent technology and intuitive design have been enhanced, which will be used to support older residents.

Senior friendly features will include a modified intelligent control panel, increased availability of hydraulic fluid, o the drop-down closet hanger and reduce the kitchen counter.


Due to its proximity to Circle Line Tube station, JadeScape Marymount residents feel like going out in the distance, it was as simple as the hotel is only a short walk. The upcoming Thomson – the road section of the station will further enhance connectivity, so as to provide residents with Thomson and rings – the East Coast.

The region has no shortage of facilities, including the Finest supermarket FairPrice Thompson Square. The nearby shun Fuk food market with a variety of hawker stall. The MacRitchie reservoir nature lovers can enjoy living near the park, some JadeScape unit will take in the scenery. The upcoming Thomson nature park will further enhance the richness of the green space in the region.

The smart home features:

Qingjian Realty has been an advocate of space for innovation and innovative ways.

In 2013, a real estate company CoSpace Qingjian launched a lifestyle based on flexible layout needs to reconfigure the space concept. People should be designed to fit the idea would be for the development of the late real estate Qingjian consistent theme.

In 2016, Singapore’s first possession of the smart home system to implement the Visionaire condominium development.

Then, in 2017, Qingjian Realty and iNz Residence further the development of intelligent life, iNz Residences idea.

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