New Mega Condo Launches In Singapore

Singapore real estate developers are developing new condominium to span more residential apartment units within the development. Mega condominium are often build on a large land size or higher level depending on the height restriction of the area. In the recent years, condominium with larger land size has the benefits having more units and condo facilities to serve the residents living in the development. Commonly, more units will allow residents to have a lower maintenance fee.

Treasure at Tampines is a large scale development that broke the record of having the most number of units. Located at Tampines Street 11, mega size condo was successfully en-bloc and bought by Sim Lian Group. The development has a total of 2,203 units that span across 29 block of 12-storey.

Large scale residential development are becoming a norm. These development are becoming more successful and better in terms of facilities for the residents. Residents can also benefit their children for a better mix with other residents’ kids as part of a better childhood friends and growth.

Property developers are now coming up with more creative strategies to build a better condo that would meet the needs of the  residents by hunting for large land size of aging condominium or private apartments.

JadeScape is one of the rare new condominium located in the central of Singapore that was bought from the former Shunfu HUDC apartments. The land was also a good fengshui that was looked into by Joey Yap. The condominium was designed in a way to have north-south facing which is ideal for many fengshui believers.


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